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Tuning Forks Art Hitter Set (108 wires for Man)

Code:  AH02
Price:  €  1500

         The manual of the Tuning Fork Art Hitters You can see at the page Products. How to use them You can train with Certified Instructor UHT System, who completed a full course of study and can teach the secret Bone Marrow Nei Kung practices. Secrets of these practices are passed from mouth to mouth. This is due to the use of sexual energy, so training is for women separately, as well as for men separately.



        Tuning Fork Art Hitters are handmade. Material of the wires and handles is stainless steel. Material the balancing weight, which is in the tip of handle – an alloy based on tungsten, whose unit weight is the same as of gold. The intent of such material – make optimal weight of the Hitter and easy to use. The result – center of gravity of the Art Hitter when You take it by hand, is near the point of the pericardium Laogun. This allows the body to release excess tensions and enjoy the harmony of vibrations.


          Tuning Fork Art Hitter, whose length is 60sm has weight 1450gr and frequency 8 Hz.

          Tuning Fork Art Hitter, whose length is 54cm has weight 1350gr and frequency 10 Hz.

          Tuning Fork Art Hitter, whose length is 50cm has weight 1250gr and frequency 12 Hz.


         When such pure frequencies are not needed for You, then not far from the tips of the wires You can gently tie a rubber ring. This will allow more vigorously to do damage inside internal organs and to break down fat cells inside the bones.



         From time to time after using the Hitter need to make wires separatly so they can vibrate individually. The wires should also wash away dirt and negative energy by using a sponge soaked with soap. Then rinse well with water, to shake off excess water and to dry.



         20% for Certified Instructors without “Iron Shirt” Chi Kung III (Bone Marrow Nei Kung)

         40% for Certified Instructors of Bone Marrow Nei Kung.

         You can pre-order and wait for making the Tuning Fork Art Hitter - then it will be free shipping.

         This knowledge is really a lot, so there is the opportunity to receive individual counseling and pass workshops, regular training, tuition courses from the author of this invention  and in the future to become a co-creator of the future development of practical new ideas.

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