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Sensation Logical extroverted

         Sensation Logical extroverted (SLe) knows willed and power potential of people around him. He knows how to be familiar with new situation in order to purposeful and quickly make concrete result. SLe knows how to solve problems and achieve what he wants, skillfully showing perseverance and determination in overcoming obstacles. He knows how to find the weakest spot of a person or an entire structure, to seize the situation for achieve his goals. This allows him to have material security and power. SLe pays attention to all the details of the environment and the situation in general, is active and confident in their actions especially effective in extreme situations. He is able to quickly identify important points and create the best plan in the most logical in that situation. SLe creates a system aimed at improving the order in society. He studies law and allows people to express their opinion and as a leader creates rules in a group of his supporters. SLe knows how to manage the joint actions and control the main points and the final result.

         He can create to his close comfortable, convenient and material secure the living conditions. SLe takes care of his health, quality of food and physical training. He respects people physically strong and mentally stable. In sexual relationships he is the first pilot. SLe may have a conservative point of view about the family. In his actions he can be solid, consistent, responsible and logical. SLe may available to explain by example the whole plan of actions. He demonstrates endurance and willingness to provide practical help to others. SLe may organize a new advantageous deal, accompanying several directions simultaneously. He is not distracted by trivia, but cares for the outcome. SLe may manage complex types of vehicles in emergency situations. He can check a person in a particular case entrusting not a simple task. SLe can forgive inability of human , but can not forgive laches, disobedience and weakness of spirit.

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