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Sensation Logical introverted

         Sensation Logical introverted (SLi) subtly knows surrounding natural world. The person of this sociotype easily and harmoniously combines with the surrounding flora, takes care of the birds and animals. SLi observes the nature since childhood and the knowledge of spontaneous perception of sensations of beauty and pleasure carries through entire life. The person given sociotype loves to create by own hands comfort, coziness, design, comfortable living conditions in its home, and SLi readiness in this to help other people. In sexual relations the sociotype of this person is a leader, so the first pilot, who always sees the needs and desires of another loved one and knows about it. SLi sees the slightest change in the physical condition of a person in the most subtle forms. The person of this sociotype manifests business initiatives to create comfortable living conditions in human society from an aesthetic and technological side. In own activity SLi ponders to the last detail and manifests creativity in optimal achieving goals. The person given sociotype gets knowledge into practice about the work equipment, instruments, their use, maintenance, repair and becoming a professional. SLi know how to effectively organize already mastered technological processes from the beginning to the very end. The person of this sociotype accompanies these processes and knows how to lead several things at once.

         SLi can manifest the ability to understand the material side of life, required resources, benefit from affairs done, reasonability of material exchange and monetary rewards. The person of this sociotype manifests care of good housing, nutrition, health and prosperity for their family. SLi may resist pressure calmly, confidently and directly, openly to fight for the freedom of human action. SLi can notice and remember practically everything that gets in field of vision to the smallest detail. The person of given sociotype may not to notice their physical overload. SLi takes care about of all the required documents to prove the legality of their affairs, habitation, equipment, and others. In learning SLi can manifest consistency and diligence, and engaged in a science. For practical achievement of goals the person this type needs different skills, to learn the instructions and laws, and then SLi can calmly carry out a comprehensive analysis of the situation. SLi can well-grounded explain advisability of each steps of any of their actions.

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