Social оrder Relationship - So

         Relationship of the Social order (So) are unequal to the parties, because the customer is always right, and the contractor delighted by customer. By these relationships the customer conveys information to the contractor. The customer looks at for a contractor as a subordinate, inspiring for the need to show most of all that its can. Customer can motivate the contractor as it possible to support and care to order was executed efficiently and timely. In such relationship, the customer representing not their personal interests but the interests of a group of people to which it belongs (Quadra). Order fulfillment is not personally supervised by the customer, but by their complementary partner (Complementing Couple ).

         The customer is not easy to hear and understand the capabilities of the contractor, so the customer can cavil to detail, and do not take into account the important points. In such relationships, the initiative often manifests customer, without understanding the personal needs of the contractor. Weak sides of customer is not protected, and expectations about taking care side by the contractor is a waste of time. Because the contractor is not personally cares about the customer, but about the interests of an entire group of people (Quadra) to which belong the customer. The customer has the time very calmly take care about their weak sides. Partners feel the need of such a relationship, and continue to cooperate for the benefit of society. When authoritativeness of the customer is not recognized, then relations have exhausted themselves.

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