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Social Types

         Scientists from the old ages are trying to identify common peculiarities of some people and thus to distinguish Types of people, or classify them. Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung in his work does classification of people with use of four mental functions, there are such as Logic and Ethics - rational, Intuition and Sensation - irrational. The fifth function of the human psyche, he call transcendent, which integrates four mental functions (implicit with explicit) and in the result of action of this function is provided a holistic and harmonious state of the human Soul. Also Carl Jung noticed introversion of the person (focus attention inward) and ekstravertion of the person (focus attention outwards). On this basis arisen a branch of psychology which called Socionics . Each Type of person has its own peculiarities, these are such strengths and weaknesses which you can know. The knowledge of your innate Type of perception and transfer of Information in society, or in other words Type of Information Metabolism (TIM) is particularly important in extreme situations or in the time of adoption of vital decisions. The Types of people in society, or Social Types are different, but by the classification which made by Carl Jung there are only 16. People between each other also have the patterns of relationship, 16 kinds of relationships and to know about this in family or in team, it is sometimes useful and at the same time interesting. It is important to know your own TIM because in Tao tradition we say that thinking consumes more Energy than any kind bodily activity.

         When we use our strengths, - then we save energy because we can effectively use them and as a result we feel strong and endurance. But when we use our weaknesses - then we lose energy quickly and inefficiently, so we feel weak and tired. We can use our strengths easily for a long period of time. Our weaknesses we should know to use their short period of time and then again move to strengths. So wisely and holistically created human society, that we can use own strengths very easy and effectively so to help others. From the side of our weaknesses, we often want and look forward to help from others.

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