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Social Types


         When we care about harmony of our Body and Soul with the Holy Spirit, then we get the nice, light and joyful feeling of our wholeness. For this work we may seclude, and to enhance of creation the feeling of integrity of love and peace, we pray or perform meditation together with people who also want and know how to hold this state of lightness in the collective, or from the distance. We in a state of trance most of our attention keep in themselves and by use of our internal look we try see the whole Universe. When a long time we are outside of society, we have seclusion in our life, then social issues less lead away our attention. In this case questions of own spiritual growth and harmony with itself can inspire us more.


         What happens with the harmony of our Body, Soul and Spirit when we are in society? Here we begin to speak of mental strength savings and conservation of holistic harmony of our Soul. For when a little mental strength, then we begin to lose nice, light and joyful feeling, after some time feel tired and begin to think about the reasons for the loss mental strength and subsequently about own health. The question arises how to save the energy and effectively use our strength in society? To solve this question it is necessary to know their human strengths and weaknesses so that they can be sufficiently developed. In psychology known knowledge of 16 Social Types, and they can be used to determine and explore your Social Type , that is, to know more about themselves to achieve a harmonious state of holistically - explicit with implicit, visible with invisible, real with not real.

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