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         Socionics refers to a relatively new (1980) the direction of psychological research. It examines the process of how information is exchanged between the person and society (Information Metabolism). This is important when energy should economize, because the Tao tradition we say that our energy is spent on thinking more than any other type of physical activity. Aušra Augustinavičiūtė interested in the question: "Why do nice people, even when there is a mutual desire, so often can not understand with each other?". Carl Jung in his time described a stable psychological types of people. And Anthony Kempinski, criticizing it, opposite did description of the stable Relationship between people, called Information Metabolism (as it exchanges information). Aušra Augustinavičiūtė took that made Carl Jung and combined with what Anthony Kempinski created. Her idea is to create a scheme or a stable model of information exchange between man and society. She created a psychological model of type of Information Metabolism (TIM) person, in other words Social Type (socionic personality type). Total for this theory is sixteen Social Types. Total 16 Social Types together and form a model society called Socion and area of psychological research - Socionics.


         Here I want to explain that Socionics operates with perfect pattern or model of the human psyche and society. In reality it is simply a scheme which can be used, to learn and explore. This scheme allows, first of all make sure once again - how wisely We are Created. In social life a person has to solve diverse tasks, and so one goes through various tests. There are, unfortunately, situations where a man make a compromise with own nature and It is detrimental to society and the man himself. Socionics is also exploring the distortion of the human psyche, or the role that person is trying to play, and then it becomes clear what that the wolf, who is hiding in sheep's clothing. The more person has social influence - then the more it can bring benefit or harm to society, this is depending on the quality of the person.

         The knowledge of Your TIM  can be useful to choice of life path, career guidance, choosing a partner, etc. The knowing your own TIM and TIM of another person It is the opportunity to understand the scheme of interaction between two TIM. This can be useful in addressing issues of compatibility in any team, as well as family.

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