Social record Relationship - Sr

         Social relationship of the Recording (Sr) is unequal for the sides, this situation is a report of the record-keeper to the auditor. Clerk can not even suspect what is really happening. Clerk responds to the slightest movement by the auditor, whether the eye or eyebrow or finger, and at first he is in a physical tension. Recognition a balance during revision is important for the record-keeper and the auditor is undoubtedly the authority. Clerk takes offense by the auditor, because it underestimates the real achievements, and all the small nonessential exaggerates deficiencies. Clerk keenly feels concern auditor, who manifests care, educates and trains. In these relations the clerk actually makes report for a group of people (Quadra), the interests of which represents by the auditor. Clerk makes reports on the status of orders, which does the complementary partner of the auditor (Complementary Couple ), reports on the state of own inner harmony and balance.

         Weak sides of the record-keeper in this relationship are unprotected, the understanding between partners is not bad, but with decreasing distance the auditor may lose authority. With the loss of authority the auditor manifests nervousness, irritability and starts accusing the record-keeper in carelessness. Therefore clerk tries to forgive him and to increase the distance. The hope of record-keeper to solve all their problems with the help of the auditor lead only to an increase in these problems. It better for both to remain silent about the problems and do not even think about them. The toadying the record-keeper is a misleading, because it feels at secure falsely by the authoritative auditor. These relationships contribute to social progress in solving of a single task, in this case partners can finally understand that the most important auditor - these are the balance, inner harmony, consciousness and conscience of the record-keeper.

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