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         The getting of knowledge, improving skills and producing your own professional experience occur in the process of Repetition. I like to be a Teacher and Trainer at the same time to heal myself. Tao Master One Cloud (Yi Eng) gave to Mantak Chia knowledge about Taoist nine formulas Inner Alchemy. On this basis by the Grand Master Mantak Chia  creates the Universal Healing Tao System and today this knowledge has the following structure:


1. The Living Tao Practices constitute Establishing the Foundation, this can be called "Seeing the Doorway" and is the first stage of the practicing The Tao.

2. The Healing Tao Practices constitute Nourishing the Body, this can be called "Opening the Doorway" and is the second stage.

3. The Immortal Tao Practices represent the stage of Refining the Self, this can be called "Entering the Doorway" and is the third stage.


Nine formulas of Tao Inner Alchemy 


Formula № 1 - Foundation

Living Tao Practices (Emotional Body) – this is the first stage.

Level I

Basic Meditations: Cosmic Inner Smile, Wisdom Chi Kung, Six Healing Sounds, Cosmic Orbit, World Link Meditation, Six Directions and Three Fires, Opening Three Tan Tiens.

Basic Chi Kung: Laughing Chi Kung, Simple Chi Kung, Iron Shirt, Tao Yin, Tan Tien Chi Kung, Elixir Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chi Kung I.

Level II

Advanced Chi Kung: Tendon Nei Kung, Bone Marrow Nei Kung , Tai Chi Chi Kung II.

Level III

Advanced Tai Chi Chi Kung Forms: Tai Chi Chi Kung III (Wu style), Tai Chi (Sword), Tai Chi (Stick), Tai Chi (24 Movements), Tai Chi (108 movements), Hsing I.

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