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Cosmic Healing (Energy Body) – this is the second stage

Level I – Cosmic Healing Practitioner. Cosmiс Chi Kung, Healing Tree Practice, Holy Buddha Palm.

Level II – Cosmic Healing Teacher.

Level III – Cosmic Healing Senior Teacher.


Nei Tsang (Physical Body) – this is continue the second stage

Level I: Chi Nei Tsang I – Chi Self-massage, Internal Organs Chi Massage.

Level II: Chi Nei Tsang II – Chasing 12 Winds.

Level III: Chi Nei Tsang III – Tendon  Massage, Karsai Nei Tsang - Genital Massage.

Immortal Tao (Spirit Body) – this is the third stage

Level I – Training for Spiritual

Formula № 2 – Healing Love

Formula № 3 – Fusion of Five Elements I, II and III

Level II – Spiritual Foundation

Formula № 4 – Lesser Enlightenment of Kan and Li

Formula № 5 – Greater Enlightenment of Kan and Li

Formula № 6 – Greatest Enlightenment of Kan and Li

Level III – Realm of Soul and Spirit

Formula № 7 – Sealing of the Five Senses

Formula № 8 – Congress of Heaven and Earth

Formula № 9 – Union of Human and Tao

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