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         First of all, I apologize for the impossibility within this website, with scientific accuracy to present this popular material. And so the intention to do this, is the desire to tell in simple words about the harmony of Body and Soul, with God.


Metabolism – the exchange of matter and energy in living organisms.


Social Type – the type of information a person's metabolism. This concept is used to classify people in society. According to this theory, we have 16 different Types of Information Metabolism (TIM) people.


Complementing Couple – two people with different TIM, which  harmoniously complement each other. Strengths of one person are weaknesses of the other, so during friendly communication and interaction they create long-term and harmonious relationship.


Quadra – four people or two Complementing Couples who have the same world outlook.


Socion – 16 people, or four quadras, or eight different Complementing Couples. It is such a model, which reflects the movement of information, communication and interaction between people in the community.


Psychological Function – known form of mental activity, which does not change under different circumstances. There are four basic psychological functions; there is still the fifth complex function (transcendent). Basic functions - are our knowledge and abilities. Transcendent function - this is our creation faith, the God's Spark every person.


Logic – the main psychological function, which operates under the laws of thought and leads the thoughts to a reasonable bonds.


Ethics – the main psychological function, which subjectively does assessment the state of consciousness to accept or not accept.

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