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To determine TIM

         To determine the Type of Information Metabolism (TIM) human It's appropriate to use the visual method of definition. Very often use psychological (socionic) tests, but the test can not give reasonable assurance about results. A man in real life may play a role, that are not represent own TIM. In this case, the same test can confirm at different times the different roles and often give wrong information about innate human TIM. According to the latest research the socionic personality type, or TIM does not change during life, but unfortunately maybe the distortion. When a person plays a role in life (does not act by its nature), then on the one hand skilful game takes a lot of effort and it's exhausting, on the other hand it's nice, easy and joyful to be itself. A person can train weaknesses, like wearing a mask to perform the role of other TIM, but only dangerous to forget to remove the mask afterwards training, because then there will be a wolf in sheep's clothing. This is can be seen as well as at photos of human. Knowledge of reliable information about yourself is very important because to understand of another person possible only through the understanding yourself.


         The founder of Socionics Ausra Augustinavichiute at a meeting with the practical psychologist Anatoliy Grechynskyy in Kyiv in 1983 determined his TIM by the visual way. Since that time Anatoliy Grechynskyy author began create own method, currently already patented method of visual determination the TIM of person, that confirmed by the credible results. This is painstaking and persistent scientific work of the practical psychologist, which continues to this day.


         To determine TIM human by visual method you can send us photos of three different periods of life: childhood, adolescence and now, here in the Contacts  is email. At the photos we are interested primarily a human face: Front view without glasses or contact lenses - is like the photo for documents. The face at the picture - strictly look ahead, eyes to be seen clearly, because it is an authentic expression of your innate socionic type. Photos that you enjoy please leave yourself, send a photo as for documents!

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