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To determine TIM


         We can not make public your information in accordance to the Privacy Policy. It means that to put freely available in the internet or media without your consent we can not do it. According to this method it is possible to determine not only your personal TIM, but TIM of the person who interests you. Psychological tests have no such opportunity.

         The cost of performing the services determine TIM of a person - 20 EUR. For payment you need to make an application and sent your photos, based on this proposal we'll send you an invoice for payment services. Then during the week after the payment we will send you a Certificate about the result of determination TIM and a brief description of TIM.


         All TIM of people are nice, all sanguine, all cheerful and active. And just as all kinds of relationships between TIM are nice for their social predestination. Perhaps the use of this knowledge in some cases does not have expediency and so it happens that should be consulted. All negatives and positives are in the man himself, and resolving these issues is the field of competence not only of knowledge about TIM of person, and in general a field of competence not only of psychology, and in the most general the fields of competence not only of scientific knowledge.

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