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The practice of achieving harmony

         Training is in the process of repetitions. We initially do empty upper mind and soften heart, then attention put down into Tan Tien and at abdominal region save a lot of attention, because there is the second mind. This mind periodically trains at repetitions. Such long-term and long-standing practice in one word called Kung.

         Training takes place in a state of meditation, and when the upper mind empty, then there flowing energy, takes a break for the recharging. Meditative state is passed from teacher to students, but exercise and meditation memorising in empty head is not very easy. One can rely on the second mind at abdominal region and train it.

        The basis of Training is meditation in motion Tai Chi Chi Kung I - a form of "Thirteen Movements." Further, this form is filled with a different of Yin and Yang practices. Today Training Program consists of seven disciplines.

 Workouts take place according to Schedule.

- Program of Tai Chi Chi Kung I


- Program of Iron Shirt Chi Kung I


- Program of Elixir Chi Kung


- Program of Tan Tien Chi Kung


- Program of Tao Yin


- Program of Tendons Nei Kung


- Exercises for the recovery of vision


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