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Teaching in a form of workshop

provides preliminary Training of students. This is distinguishes the Workshop as compared with a lecture, during one the information is preferably perceived. At the Workshop possible to share experiences and to solve current actual issues, information is equally is transmitted and is perceived. You can Apply to participate the Workshop, it is at the bottom of the page for each Workshop. You also can inform us your suggestions about the place and time of the future Workshops, it will allow us take account them - where and when to carry out tour Workshops. Today I have the opportunity to produce the following Workshops of the Universal Healing Tao System:


- Basic Workshop - 6 hours,


- Transformation of Sexual Energy into Spiritual - 6 hours,


- Chi Kung I «Iron Shirt» - 6 hours,


- Tao Yin (Tao Yoga) - 6 hours,


- Tan Tien Chi Kung - 6 hours,


- Tai Chi Chi Kung I «Yang Form 13 Movements» - 6 hours,


- Tendons Nei Kung - 6 hours,


- Fusion of the Five Elements I, II and III - 12 hours


- Lesser Enlightenment Kan and Li - 12 hours


- Massage Courses Chi Nei Tsang I - 30 hours,


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